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New ways to fund your github

Enterprise IT today is majority powered by open source & they have a stronger interest in your creation..

40 million
developers, 100 million repositories
95% of IT leaders say open source is strategically important. 77% are bullish and expect it to grow further. A study by Red Hat in 2020 further noted that proprietary software is declining rapidly from 40% today to estimated 20% in just 2 years. What's driving this? 33% said higher quality as the top reason followed by lower cost of ownership and better security.
Open source needs better funding now to step up.

We are connecting the enterprise. You continue driving open source.

shorten sales cycle
Size & quality matters

Today the competition has shifted from proprietary v/s open source to a range of open source alternatives. Size of the community is a key indicator of success and stability. Know your community of developers & implementers.

Beyond documentation & support

Level up the relationship and build a public vetted developer pipeline. Make it easier for employers to find talent around your project and in turn generate funds to better support developers. It's a win win for all.

Reviews, case studies & references

Enterprise Technology selection is not an individual decision. Traditional products invest heavily into marketing, develop 3rd party references to win. Enable your community to showcase comparatives, bench-marking, reviews, tutorials right around your project and 10x easier.