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Open source @enterprise
Open source @enterprise

Too many options to pick from & the rapid pace of change makes technology selection even harder. We're creating a "Code Network" to help developers and organizations bridge this gap.

86% of IT leaders say the most innovative companies are using enterprise open source

The State of Enterprise Open Source - A Redhat Report

The report shares a few more interesting numbers; 77% of respondents agree enterprise open source will continue to grow. With such high levels of interest, this is likely the best time for OS projects. However, a large market means intense competition.

The majority of Open Source projects may not work for an IT organization. If 1 in a 1000 of these projects have the infrastructure & ecosystem to support commercial adoption, that still leaves a list of a 100 + products that must be assessed against a particular organization's needs. This leads to many viable OS technologies being over looked, mainly because there isn’t a simple way to evaluate them efficiently. For reference, there are over 900 technologies listed under the big data landscape and 4000 under IoT and AI combined! So what we really need is more visibility in the market.

Why you have to market free stuff?

The early days of open source posed this classic question. Today, after 2 rounds of open source model evolution, a steady growth of open source based SAAS models, we're now asking, how do we market the open way?

Commercial users put OSS through a strenuous evaluation process. They’re looking for support, documentation, use cases, and most importantly, an available talent pool to recruit from. Organizations are limited in their ability to assess each product efficiently, forcing them to overlook technologies that might fit perfectly into their requirements. OS projects need to provide guidance, data, and support services if their desire is to spark the interest of the commercial sector, and that’s why we created Reqost, Open Services for Open Source.

Large commercial software product companies have long understood and leveraged the power of the service provider ecosystem. From implementation services, technology partners for enhanced offerings, or sometimes just certification to help buyers get their job done faster. These in fact play a significant role in technology selection, after all, who wants to pick the best software only to realize that they don't have anyone qualified to work on it?

In the world of digital currencies, the social network around open source projects has become a critical test bed for ideas, products, services, and early users - Meltem Demirors

At its core, Reqost is all about organizing this network. We call it the code network - people connected on the basis of open source code. Success of open source is attributed to the great community that has remained loyal through all these years. It's time to go beyond code and unlock the services community that gets the job done. We are building open source developer services and the code network to take enterprise adoption to the next level.

So if you are leading an open source project or one of the contributors/enterprise technologist who drive technology selection, join in today!