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Proof of work, goes way beyond a profile


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Photo by Joanna Kosinska
Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Like musicians & performing artists where we see their actual work, open source gives developers the perfect stage to showcase and perform, and you don't have to be Grammy material.

Having interviewed thousands of IT professionals in my career there seems to be an underlying theme when asked about career goals, aspirations, and what they're currently working on. It’s typically a mix of

  • I’m not being challenged enough.
  • I don’t get to be creative.
  • I’m not using a technology I’m interested in.

We all know that enterprise work can’t always meet these expectations, that there will always be a need to maintain legacy systems, but developers are intelligent, passionate, and dedicated creators who like to solve problems and design novel solutions. This is a core trait that developers have, and I can almost guarantee that if you're reading this blog, one of these resonates with you. So my question is, how do you guarantee that you’ll find a job that doesn’t leave you saying, “I’m not being challenged enough, my work doesn’t allow me to be creative, and I’m not working with the technology I’m interested in”?

Maybe you’ll get lucky or know someone that’s running a project that you can really “sink your teeth into”. However, the truth is, like in all professions, you have to stand out, be heard over the noise, and the most common way to do that, is to show your work.

Problem of plenty

Industry analysts IDC say, there were 22.3 million developers worldwide in 2018 with 11.65 being full-time, 6.35 part-time, and 4.3 non-professional! All with different skills, experience, and specific technological knowhow. At the same time almost every organization across the globe is undertaking IT initiatives and they're scouring the earth for contract, gig, and full-time workers that meet their very specific requirements. Making this match is one of the biggest challenges organizations face, and the match goes both ways!

So how are we going to make it 10x easier?

We are aligning developers and companies directly with the open source projects that their work or experience is based on.

It's a needle in a haystack problem, with our goal being to reduce the amount of hay, "dramatically". Reqost is merging opportunity with github projects and linking them directly to their ecosystem/community.

Step 1: Start small if you haven't been an open source contributor. Sure you can't share the proprietary work you've done, but you can share your experience working with a specific technology. You may not have filled an issue or worked on a pull request, however, your experience working with a specific OSS is prized insight for any project. See more around the "open" part of open source.

Step 2: Open source does not have a marketing team like closed source companies. Developers are the best marketing that the projects have, and the larger the number, the better the adoption. Don't just contribute code to your favorite Open Source project, contribute your story and review. Community size helps swing decisions and that means more opportunities. Did we say we are connecting opportunities directly on Github?

Open source project leads are lending a hand too with their involvement and active direction in Reqost's development... After all, it's a win win for all.

As the end of the day the question is why does it take on an average 40+ days to fill a position when in a digital world we are always connected. The gap lies in discovery and Reqost is on a mission to fix just that.

Get ready to get discovered!